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Vancouver Wine Tours | Fraser Valley Wine Tours

Weather you are looking to join a public wine tour group or put together a private group for your upcoming special event we have the wine tasting tour for you.  Our team at Vine and Hops has three main tour options that focus on wine.

All Private Wine Tours include a custom pickup at your group meeting location.  We can pickup across the GVRD and the Fraser Valley.  Abbotsford, Surrey, Vancouver and West Vancouver are all normally requested options.

Private Vancouver Wine Tours are generally one of the three wine tours below

  • Langley Wine Tours have a focus on wineries in the Fraser Valley and can pickup anywhere.
  • Mashup Tours focus on custom combination of Wine, Cider, Spirits, Mead or Beer.   Think of these wine tours as swapping out a winery for a cider house or something your group is interested in.
  • Vancouver Wine Tour (Urban Wine Tour), is all Vancouver or Vancouver and Richmond locations.  This tour runs 4 - 4.5 hours and typically runs at least an hour less than our flagship Langley Wine Tours.

Choose your tour below and contact us to start the process of putting it together for your group.