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Everything You Need To Plan Your Fraser Valley Wine Tours

Making the Best of Your Time On Fraser Valley Wine Tours

Exploring the Fraser Valley wine region is a fantastic way to spend a day or weekend and make the most of your time. There are so many wineries to choose from, so it can be difficult to know where to start. To save you some time, here are some of the best places for a wine tasting, for lunch when you’re on a Fraser Valley wine tour.

We've also added a couple tips on how to get around, our favourites for the non-wine drinkers.  Have Fun!

Best Fraser Valley Wineries To Eat Lunch (Top 3)

#1 | Glass House Winery offers a beautiful view of their vines along with a fantastic lunch menu featuring locally-sourced produce, meats, cheeses and more. As an added bonus, they also have live music events throughout the summer months!

#2 | Most of us love wine but when touring around we forget how amazing cider can be too.  If you want something a little sweeter head over to Fraser Valley Cider.  This fun little cider house is located in the middle between Backyard Winery and Township 7.

#3 | Finally, Township 7’s charcuterie board is a must-try while touring the Fraser Valley region. Enjoy artisanal meats and cheeses handcrafted right in Langley while tasting some of their lovely wines. It’s the perfect way to relax after checking out all the wineries in the area!

Our Favourite Fraser Valley Wineries

Langley Wineries

 Wine Tasting at Glass House winery

Other Great Libation Venues to Consider in Langley, Surrey, Abby:

  • Roots and Wings (Distillery)
  • Farm Country Brewing
  • Trading Post Brewing
  • Festina Lente (Mead/honey wines, it's always super entertaining)
  • Fraser Valley Cider
  • Fieldhouse Brewing (Abbotsford)


Glass House Winery, Our favourite lunch stop of the Fraser Valley Wineries

Top 4 Fraser Valley Wineries You Must Visit (Langley Wineries)

Backyard Winery | One Of Our Favourite Wine Tastings

Located in the heart of Langley, BC, Backyard Winery is the perfect place to visit for BC wine enthusiasts and those looking to explore the Fraser Valley wine region. This tasteful local winery offers tastings of their freshly-crafted wines, as well as a variety of charcuterie boards made with artisanal local meats and cheeses.

What sets Backyard Winery apart is their unique outdoor seating area surrounded by their local vines. You can sip your glass of wine while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, making it the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day. In addition to their delicious selection of wines and charcuterie boards, Backyard Winery also offers events such as summer concerts and wine tasting events for wine club members. Each event features live music from local artists alongside food and drinks available for purchase.

With its laid-back atmosphere and stunning views, Backyard Winery is the ideal spot for you to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family. Overall, Backyard Winery is a great choice when it comes to exploring the Fraser Valley wine region. Not only do they have an amazing selection of wines to choose from, but also an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy them.

From summer concerts and BBQ nights to relaxing afternoons spent among the vineyards, there's something for everyone at this Langley gem!

Backyard Winery - 2151 242 St #240 Langley BC V2Z 2T9


Cavallo Winery (Urban Winery - Surrey/Langley boarder)

Only 3 minutes away from Township 7, Chaberton and Fraser Valley Cider is Cavallo Winery.   Think, a winery done like a brewery but just much nicer.  This is beautiful spot you'll love doing a wine tasting at.

One of the newest wineries both in the region and in the province.  You will probably receive a free tasting with the purchase of a bottle or 2.

Cavallo Winery in the Fraser Valley
Cavallo Winery - 19288 22 Ave #150, Surrey, BC V3Z 3S6

Township 7 Winery

This has to be the easiest winery to get to as it's first on the route.  Located just into langley and only 50 minutes from Vancouver Township 7 is a fun little place to do a wine tasting and grab a quick meat and cheese lunch.

If you think you may have heard of this place before, you'd be right.  Township 7 winery is one of two locations with vines in the Okanagan, specifically Naramata/Penticton. 
Township 7 Winery -  21152 16 Ave, Langley Twp, BC V2Z 1K3

Glasshouse Winery 

Yes, just yes.  You'll want to check out glass house for a 30 minute wine tasting and spend a little time having lunch or a glass of wine on the patio but be sure to book your lunch a few weeks ahead of time. 
Glasshouse Winery -  23449 0 Ave, Langley, BC V2Z 2X3

How To Get To The Fraser Valley Wineries

Exploring the Fraser Valley wineries is a great way to pass your leisure time. Whether you’re starting in Vancouver or Langley, BC, there are several ways to reach the area’s wineries.  

  • If Visiting Fraser Valley Wineries from Vancouver by car: Max 2 wineries for the driver (Or think Designated Driver)
  • If Visiting by Uber/Taxi: You'll want to start at lunch and then get an uber between a couple venues.  Expect $80 uber prices from Vancouver/Richmond and a 20-30 minute wait for an uber between stops.
  • Best Way To Visit: Wine Tour Bus.  Public tours leave daily and pickup downtown Vancouver and Langley 200th Exit (Highway 1).  

Fraser Valley Wine Tours from Vancouver and the GVRD

Weather you are looking to join a public tour or start your own private tour for the day with 9+ other friends this is going to be a special day.  Typical pricing is below for Canadian Craft Tours and Vine and Hops.

Wine Tour Pricing For Private Groups of 10+ Guests

Our team at Canadian Craft and Vine and Hops hosts public and private wine tours daily.  This is way more interesting than a wine your Langley limo experience.

 No matter what mode of transportation you choose, exploring Fraser Valley wineries promises to be an enjoyable experience.  Also know as our Vancouver Wine tours incase you see similar names of tours around the internet.  Here’s hoping that wherever your journey takes you brings forth memories that last far beyond a lifetime!

 Fraser Valley Wine Tour Group in the Vines

10 Tour Planning Tips When Planning Your Fraser Valley Wine Tour

  1. Plan for $10-20 tasting fees at each venue.  If you purchase 1-2 bottles per person they will probably waive some.
  2. Pre-plan where you want to eat lunch.  Fast lunch (Backyard, Township 7) or long lunch (Glass House)?
  3. Have the group pay you ahead of time for anything you'll be stuck paying if they back out.  This can be reservation fees, limo, tour, taxi fees
  4. Bring a water bottle, that way you can keep going and stay hydrated
  5. Treat the staff with respect and you'll get better service
  6. Leave the troublemaker at home.  One bad egg can cause the wineries to treat your entire group like the rotten egg
  7. It's okay to use the spit bucket, just do not drink it (Seriously, we've seen it and Chaberton still hasn't let us live it down years later)
  8. Pre-book your tastings to keep things moving or you could be waiting.  This also helps the wineries plan their staffing and food if necessary
  9. Plan the end of the day before you are all drunk.  This stops from having to make 10 different drop offs and lets face it, drunk people are not as good at planning as sober people (Yea right?)
  10. Use a photo cloud or airdrop for your photos.  This makes it way easier to collect photos at the end.  Tour guides do a great job of this.

Additional Vancouver and Fraser Valley Wine Tour Info:

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